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OnCall automatically generates your team's OnCall planning. Create your own environment, invite the team by e-mail, let them send their preferences via the web, and sit back while OnCall builds your perfect plan.

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OnCall is simple on the surface, but it is powered by rocket science algorithms internally.

Within seconds, OnCall solves a complex problem of up to 100 persons, each having hundreds of constraints. Computers are great at comparing millions of combinations, yet our PhD level planning engineers create algorithms to do this efficiently.

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Quit time-consuming excel sheets and sticky notes

This is the overview of the most ideal planning schedule that onCall generates. Resulting in the most preferable planning according to everyone’s preferences. The solution view can be displayed in 3 different ways: calendar, table and scatter plot. The planner is still able to change manually.




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The price depends on the team size. We scale from 5 to 5000 persons.
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